About us

Dvaits met Stig when he started working for him in Gotland- to install tyres, build a house and help in other household works.

In the beginning of 1990s different kind of business ideas were tried to start and carry out like, welding of cows’ feeding and entrapment cages, selling spices, mobile phones and producing windows. Finally, it was decided to export used tyres from Gotland.   After some time, used tyres were exchanged for the new tyres and since then LLC DALANS has been installing and selling tyres and wheel discs for 20 years in 60 Krustpils iela, Riga.

Dvaits often visited Stig in Gotland and when he happened to be there in spring he had always had a chance to taste freshly boiled Gotland’ s asparagus.  Almost 20 years had to go by before there was a chance and willingness to grow asparagus in Latvia.  So, in autumn  2014 it was decided together with Dvait’s father-in-law who owns land in Kalniena, to try to plant asparagus in area of about one hectare. We are very grateful to asparagus planters from Gotland who have always been willing to share their experience in asparagus cultivation.

22 000 asparagus plants were planted in Kalniena in spring 2015 and we are anxious to see whether or not something will sprout out of the soil in spring. Thanks to Juris and colleagues from Gotland, it seems that everything has been done correctly and according to the best traditions of asparagus cultivation. This gives us a lot of optimism!

With a perspective in mind to export asparagus to Scandinavia, where only a small part of totally consumed asparagus can be grown, additional land lot in Kalniena has been bought and plants ordered for the next field.     

Our wishes and ideas

We will be happy to grow, harvest and sell effectively asparagus that are indeed fresh, healthy and do not contain anything we wouldn`t eat ourselves or give our children. 

The farmer

"BIBLIOTĒKA №1 Restorāna" chef Māris Jansons appreciates!

Photo: Ilze Pētersone. Kalniena, May 2016

The farmer